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Submitted on
December 1, 2012


I just saw the new episode of MLP:FiM, and it was awesome. Trixie is back and she wants revenge on Twilight, challenging her to a magic duel. After Twilight lost she is banished from Ponyville. Now with the help of Zecora, Twilight will defeat Trixie and save Ponyville from her rule.

I found this episode to be awesome. My favorite part is where Zecora teaches Twilight how to use her magic, kind of like how Yoda teaches Luke how to use the force. Trixie who was once a jerk in season 1 is now the villain of this episode. After she got rid of Twilight, she turned the main 6 (including poor Snips and Snails) into her slaves. Her new found power and corruption came from the Alicorn amulet. Now I have a question. Where did the amulet come from? Who made it? Was it created by an evil Alicorn? Did Discord created it? Nah Discord is to shitty to make something that awesome. I really want to know more about the amulet. I just that the writers ignore it kind of like how they ignored the Gates of Tartarus (BTW I am still waiting for an episode on that!)

All in all, I enjoyed the episode, it is one of the best. BTW evil Trixie reminded me of Evil Lyn from the He-Man remake. Well they were voiced by the same voice actress so I think it was intentional. I also hope that the Alicorn amulet returns.

Also, did anyone notice Lyra drinking a cup of soda?
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If you don't mind a little "Tinfoil Hat Theory," another one of my brony-friends tossed around the thought that perhaps the Alicorn Amulet was a prototype of the Elements of Harmony--and then it goes on to say that perhaps the Elements of Harmony were created as a counterbalance to the Alicorn Amulet. I'm not sure how believable the second half is, but the first part seems viable to me.
Oh, yes. Discord's characterization implies that he likes to hold all the cards. Why would he ever build an amulet that exchanges power over to someone else, especially when that someone else may or may not be capable of defeating him? The evil within the Alicorn Amulet seemed Lawful, not Chaotic.
Maybe they will explain in a later episode.
EROCKERTORRES Dec 1, 2012  Student General Artist
hmm I didn't notice lyra drinking soda XD
Trixie will be back, but the Amulet is now in Zecora's possession, so I don't think it's going anywhere. Plus it was just nice to see Trixie admit to her mistakes and promise to turn over a new leaf
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